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Buyer Representation

Finding the Right Office or Retail Property

Whether you are an experienced property investor or you are starting to look at buying a commercial real estate property for your business, this is how North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors helps you speed up the process, and achieve the desired outcome.

Our process starts with a comprehensive review of your specific real estate goals. We need to understand your vision of an ideal office or retail property, and how we can best support you throughout the process.

We have access not only to on-market office or retail space opportunities, but off-market properties as well. This access opens up new doors to help you find the right space for your needs.

Giving You Access to a Range of Commercial Real Estate Property Options

Finding the right commercial real estate property can be a frustrating process for a business owner because it takes too much time. You need to work growing your business, not be stuck with grunt work.

So we step in, and spend the time necessary to prospect for office space or retail properties; call property managers, investors, and sellers; email our contact database; and show up in person to connect with office and retail property owners in the Burnsville-Savage-Prior Lake area.

In addition, we study specific market trends and sales, so we can provide you with the most up-to-date business intelligence. This helps you make the right decisions based on your circumstances.

In Burnsville, Savage and Prior Lake, the inventory of commercial real estate property available for sale varies according to type (office, retail, industrial) and the economic cycle. 

Call us to discuss what you need to find: we will do a quick analysis of the marketplace and get you a first volume estimate.