Stomping Grounds 451 Taft St NE #8, Minneapolis, MN 55413

At Stomping Ground Studio, we believe that aerial arts and acrobatics are not only physical activities, but also mental and emotional outlets for our students. Our certified instructors create a safe and supportive environment, where students can challenge themselves, build confidence, and experience the thrill of flight.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a form of exercise, or a creative outlet, Stomping Ground Studio has something to offer for everyone. Our classes are designed for individuals of all ages and skill levels, and we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we also offer private lessons, workshops, and performance opportunities. If you’re interested in taking your skills to the next level, our experienced instructors are ready to help you reach your goals.

Experience the excitement of aerial arts and acrobatics, and join the Stomping Ground community.

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