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Meet the North Star Team

Commercial Real Estate Agency


Why We Started North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors

North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors was established in 2020. In a traditionally transactional industry, we aim at bringing the focus on customer experience. Our mission is very simple: (1) Add tremendous value to you, our client; (2) Help you find the commercial property your business needs to start or continue growing.  We don’t make it about the volume of deals we close. It does not matter to you.  

When you hire the team of North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors, you get the support of committed Realtors®. We know our market well, and we have a very strong grasp of the intricacies of commercial real estate. This is a relatively complex field, where codes and regulations can make it difficult for businesses to operate. You need advisors. We are your advisors.

How We Started 

North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors officially launched in 2020, under the brokerage of Keller Williams Commercial. As you probably already guessed, we are not your traditional commercial real estate agency. When you work with us, we guarantee that we won’t just meet your expectations: we will exceed them. To us, it’s not about sales, quickly closing deals, or cutting corners. We work aggressively to make sure you get what you need for your business. At the end of the day, the only outcome we care about is our clients being happy with their purchase, their sale, or their lease.


What Makes Us Different

The real estate market and the specialized market of commercial real estate both continue evolving. It is important that you have access to our team not only during the day but also during evenings and weekends. While we do have “regular business hours,” if you happen to need us at 10 pm, we’ll answer. We will always keep you informed, regularly updating you on the progress of your engagement with us.

Finding the right property has the potential to be frustrating, so we also spend a lot of time actively prospecting for properties, cold calling, emailing, texting, and showing up in person to connect with commercial property owners in the Twin Cities metro area and especially in our core market of Burnsville, Savage and Prior Lake, MN.

In addition, we study specific market trends and sales. We provide you with the most up-to-date information, helping you to make the best business decisions in commercial real estate matters. 

Establishing and growing client relationships are at the very heart of our business, driving everything we do and every decision we make. For us, it is of the utmost importance to not only build initial relationships and earn trust with new clients, but also to nurture long-term relationships with you.

Simply put – we not only strive to earn your trust now, but to keep it for many years to come. In our line of business, the ultimate compliment is to be hired by a past client to find new offices or new retail space for them and help them continue to grow. 


Local Market Expertise

The North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors team specializes on retail and office properties. We constantly review market trends, notably leases and sales, and any activity that impacts sales or the leasing market prices. We focus on the Scott, Dakota, and Hennepin counties.

We don’t just study market trends from the confines of our offices: we are out and about in our local communities and walk the streets talking to owners and property investors to find these off-market gems we love recommending to our clients.



Core Pillars

Commercial Real Estate


We are experts in our industry, with a diverse set of experiences and perspectives, as well as commercial real estate expertise that we will tap into to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

Commercial Real Estate


We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, reliable, and honest with every client we meet, and with every transaction we handle. If we meet and determine that we are not the right fit or know that you’d be better served by someone else, we will work hard to find the best person to help you.

Commercial Real Estate


Our team operates with a partnership mindset, and when you choose to hire us, you get a dedicated team of experienced individuals that are your built-in partners for your project. Communication in a partnership is vital, so we will be in touch with you at least weekly as we work together, and more if you’d prefer to touch base more often.

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We are relentless in our pursuit to help you attain and surpass your commercial real estate goals. No rock will be left unturned until your objectives are met. We don't sit and wait for something to happen. We make it happen and won’t stop until we get you where you want to be.

Commercial Real Estate


We are actively involved in our community. Not only do we work in the community, but we also live here. We are well-connected to many local businesses and other real estate companies. Armed with vital information, we are able to fulfill your unique needs.